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Priority Non-Priority Shower & EV

A standard home in the UK and Ireland looks a lot different today than it did twenty years ago. Power showers and multiple appliances already demand a lot of energy and now we are facing the arrival of Electric Vehicle charging stations. Any home with an electric car or hybrid will likely install a charger to secure charging supply and avail of cost efficient night rates.

Features across the range:

Available in Metal and Plastic, Garo priority & non-priority boards are 

designed to facilitate the use of two electric showers which are being supplied from a domestic 63A single phase supply. Both showers may continually use <3kW of power each, however, when one exceeds this power use, the board will automatically cut the power to the second shower / appliance thus 

protecting the main supply fuse.

The priority board is extremely effective for controlling the load to an electric vehicle, when an electric shower is also installed. 

The shower is connected as the Master and the Electric vehicle is connected as the slave. When the shower is activated, the supply to the Electric vehicle is 

disconnected, and so the main fuse is protected.

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