Electric Vehicle Charging Station Range


GARO is the Nordic region's market leading manufacturer and supplier of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Our comprehensive range offers charging solutions for businesses, organisations, home, hotels, shopping centres, car parking spaces and service stations.

We have completed installations across a number of high profile organisations and facilities including Facebook, Musgraves, Universities, County Council Offices, Shopping Centres and many more. In Sweden, Garo's EV Chargers have been placed in Volvo Car's R&D facility, Charge and Drive Highways Norway, all Swedavia Airport Car Parks, Sweden's Green Highway, McDonalds and multiple energy utility companies & service stations.

Using our extensive experience, expertise and innovation, we offer a uniquely wide range of charging stations. GARO's Product Development team are continually developing and enhancing the charging range to meet the future requirements of our customers.

A great opportunity to show clients, customers and staff that you have joined the green revolution - we offer the option to brand your Electric Vehicle Chargers with a company name and logo. Our sleek charger design allows ample space for branding and colour. Its a great first impression for any business, organisation or facility upon arrival at the premises.

Please see below for video demonstrations, links to products, manuals and more. We can talk you through these options - contact our technical team today for assistance.

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Complete Range for Every Setting

Watch the Public Fast Charger (LS4) In Action

GARO Electric is delighted to have partnered with Monta. This partnership will allow us to provide better and smarter charge points without the hassle that other charging apps require - such as keys, fees and subscriptions. It provides a better EV charging solution for businesses, communities and private EV drivers. With Monta, you can charge your car with green energy and share your charge points with other EV drivers. You also get access to 150,000+ charge points across Europe.

Seamless User Experience for EV Drivers

- Insights & Analytics

- Safe & Secure Payment

- Smart Features & Full Control 

- Built by EV Drivers for EV Drivers 

-Reliable & Consistent EV Charging Experience

-Extensive Charge Point Map


Harnessing the Power of the Electric Vehicle Revolution

As car manufacturers reduce and withdraw their diesel ranges, the range of full EV and Hybrid models is increasing. The last year has seen a major escalation by governments to incentivise Electric Vehicles as an important component of their strategy to meet emission targets. EV infrastructure including charging stations, is being rapidly developed to support these changes. There are significant opportunities for businesses and car owners to consider. New EV owners can avail of government grants towards the purchase and installation of charging stations for their homes. It may cover the entire cost, depending on your location. OZEV in the UK and SEAI in the Republic of Ireland manage these grants (see below for more information). For businesses & organisations, the benefits of installing EV charging stations are far reaching. If a car owner has the option to charge their EV at your premises, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. They are also likely to spend more time with you as they wait for their car to charge. As an employer, attracting top talent can be a challenge, hence the rise in employee benefit schemes. Adding EV charging options to your parking spaces is one more benefit that enhances the perception of your organisation.

Contact or sales team to find out more about the best charging solutions for your building or premises.

The Garo Energy Hub features a wide range of articles relating to the EV industry - visit regularly to stay up to date.

Charging stations provide comprehensive data for EV charging portals by monitoring and collecting statistics from individual charging stations and installations:

  • Reports type of fault (personal protection or other)
  • Optional email alert for new faults
  • Outlet usage status (In Use / Free / Offline)
  • Utilisation % of Charging Stations
  • Current Power / Power Consumption
  • Usage log for Billing
  • User Admin - Create / Modify / Remove RFID users

Garo's charging stations are compatible with all suppliers of Cloud Services via OCPP, Lan, GCtrl or 3G.

Users can configure and update software on connectors via WiFi.

Payment for charge can be via:

  • RFID attached to an account
  • App tied to an account

Grant Information For EV Charging Stations

If you are located in the UK, grants are available towards the purchase of Electric Vehicle Home Chargers. For more information click on the link below.




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